Coronavirus Policies + Updates




I cannot imagine the stress you are (and have been) feeling, and my heart goes out to everyone as we all navigate these unchartered waters.  It is safe to say this is a new situation for all of us, and we are doing everything possible to be flexible and accommodating during these times.


As measures to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19) have continued to be active in our area, I want to reach out to our couples and community at large to address some of the challenges and expectations we are facing with rescheduling of 2021 events.


I would like to be as accommodating and sensitive as possible to this (r)evolving crisis, and hope that I can alleviate some of your concerns with potential rescheduling issues, as well as outlining the steps that are being taken to ensure the safety of our couples and team during this time.


I will be real with you guys – in 2020, I went from 52 weddings to 20, most of which required far less hours than a typical wedding day, which in turn meant a significantly smaller amount of income.  On top of that, I issued refunds totaling up to $18,000…yikes!  In the year 2020, I used my moral compass to make all my decisions, and since no one gave us the rulebook on how to handle a global pandemic, I navigated the year with my hands in prayer and threw the idea of a contract out the window because, lets face it, adjustments were being made left and right and were incredibly difficult to keep up with!  I remember back in April we all said we would be done with this by the summer, and here we are, entering 2021 continuing to carry the burden(s) and stress(es) that was placed on all our shoulders over 9 months ago.  Moving forward with 2020 being my practice round, I made great efforts to consider what this year looked like when organizing the policies for the upcoming year (or two).


While all this information may seem overwhelming, I wanted to give you all the details you may need should this issue develop further and effect your wedding date.  Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly.


I am so sorry you all are having to (continue to) deal with this while planning a wedding – this is supposed to be the happiest time of your life and wedding planning is already stressful enough.  But please know that we are all in this together!  Know that I am here and will do everything possible to make your day the best day ever.  I continue to be so appreciative to work together and feel even more connected and dedicated to you as we grow though this time alongside everyone.  Your wedding day is going to be such an incredibly special day for all of us when we get there!


For my entire professional life as Laura Ink, I have done everything in my power to be helpful and serving to my clients, and to provide the highest level of service and photographs possible.  Nothing about that will ever change!  Please be kind to others – and most importantly, yourself.


If you are looking for ways to support your vendors during this time, some ideas are sharing their posts, shouting out how they are helping you, and leave reviews if you can!  Even if the process is not over, sometimes how we are problem-solving for you are the best notes of kindness anyone can receive. 


Again, let me extend the deepest apologies that you are going through this!  We are in it together and really look forward to the day we get to celebrate with you soon!  In the meantime, stay safe and well, and please reach out if there is anything at all that can be done to help you navigate these waters.  I am here to help, even if it is just to talk through some tough times.  I work with all my clients closely and love each of you!  Hang in there – we will make sure it is all worth it!