Based on my experience in the wedding industry and the fact that we know COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets, there is a concern for safety. Weddings are a group of people close together laughing, talking, crying, eating, yelling, touching, and sweating it out on the dance floor. Social distancing cannot realistically exist at large weddings, and formal family portraits do not allow for physical distancing; you simply have to be close to each other. Masks cannot be worn while eating or drinking. Couples should not have to give up on all the hugs + togetherness! When we originally talked, every one of you mentioned how planning your wedding was so much about anticipating being in one place with ALL the people you love. I really do not want you to sacrifice that important element of your wedding day.


Safety of our team and our couples is the number one concern!  Laura Ink will be taking every precaution in regards to protecting ourselves and others by following the CDC guidelines.  We will also be taking every precaution to clean all equipment that we may be bringing onsite for your wedding, and of course wash our hands and avoid excessive contact.


Any team members that show signs of sickness or specifically of COVID-19 will not attend your wedding.  Laura Ink will make every effort to fulfill your contracted services and are preparing to have additional photographers on standby in case anyone is affected.  In the event that I (head photographer / owner of Laura Ink) befall symptoms of COVID-19, I will notify you as soon as possible and will be responsible for either finding an alternative for myself for day-of coverage or providing the client with a negative test result.  All post work and communications will continue to be done by myself.  If an alternate photographer must stand in my place the day of the event, connection and communication will be established as much and as soon as possible.  A refund will not be provided under any circumstances should the client wish to cancel services at this point of notification.


As we practice caution and respect for you and your guests, we ask that this be shown in return by notifying us of any symptoms or positive COVID-19 test results you or any of your guests may have under your control and/or awareness.  Should this information require us to alter any of arrangements, we will work very hard to find a way to accommodate but cannot guarantee the ability to meet our agreement(s) at the risk of losing business or, God forbid, closing our doors.  Please understand the difficulty this/these situation(s) puts all of us in and know that this is not something we would be trying to do since we completely understand the stress of planning a wedding!