Frequently Asked Questions


So far, no weddings for 2021 have rescheduled to an alternate date within the year or have moved to 2022.  However, I have already had 4 cancellations from couples who had a micro wedding this year and saved a reception date for this year (2021).  I have also had about a half dozen couples email to inquire about a soft-hold date for either this year (2021) or next (2022).  Based on this pattern, I am predicting a similar year to this one, and as a result, established my policies and addressed the issue(s) in advance.



Stay updated on the gathering limit and essential businesses allowed to be open in your state.  Be sure to read all your vendor’s contracts.  Next, if you do not have one already, hire a wedding planner.  Wedding planners have taken over vendor correspondence, navigating contracts, and staying updated on the current events.  After that, determine if you are willing to or able to limit your guest count to whatever the gathering limit may be at the time of your wedding.  Consider travel limitations, and high-risk guests when making that decision.  Along that line, consider your options of having your ceremony (and potentially the first pieces of your reception) virtual, and what the additional cost(s) of this may be when re-evaluating your budget.


On a personal level, and with the experience of 2020, the micro weddings have been amazing since it requires more creative and personal solutions.  Not to sound young or morbid, but…YOLO!  It’s true though; do you really want to go another moment without being married to your best friend, the love of your life?  Nothing in life is certain, and I really encourage you to remember what marriage truly means.  I promise, it will be a BEAUTIFUL day.  It may not be what you had expected, but if you picked a vendor team that you love and TRUST, we will all be working together to make sure it is still the best day of your life!



Yes!  Most vendors that would be with you for your full day usually have smaller teams of 1-3 people, but catering staff and bands tend of have a larger team.  If your venue or planner tells you otherwise, it is worth double-checking with your county officials to be safe.  For your production team – including photography, videography, and hair/makeup artists – the number necessary would be congruent with the number of guests attending, so be sure to communicate with these vendors, especially if there is an additional charge to bring a second photographer/videographer or additional hair/makeup assistants.



Most venues have recommended waiting until you are 2.5-3 months out from your wedding before officially deciding to reschedule.  This is subject to the gathering limit changing.  The longer your wait, the fewer date options your venue and vendors will have.  Basically and more simply – the sooner, the better.


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